EmoReco: Teacher! Train uzelf om Emoties in uw klas te herkennen

The department of psychology of the University of Amsterdam (UVA) is famous for its research on emotions (http://aice.uva.nl). Professor Nico Frijda has inspired a generation of emtion researchers worldwide. Currently at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Social Psychology professor Agneta Fischer leads a group of emotion researchers  who conduct research on emotions and emotion recognition. The Emoreco is used in a study with Sindy Sumter and Francine Jellesma on the empathic skills of primary school teachers, who deal with a variety of emotions in the classroom. They currently examine the effects of this Emoreco training on the emotion recognition skills of these teachers.  


Agneta  Fischer
The department of psychology of the University of Amsterdam (UVA)
1018 WT Amsterdam