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Mijn uitgangspunt is dat we waarschijnlijk verschillende plekken moeten definieren waar we content gaan verzamelen (samenbeter.org, basecamp, googledocs, etcetera) en dat we ook een thesaurus moeten aanmaken met een of meerdere taxonomieen om al die content te koppelen en doorzoekbaar te houden.
Een deel van die koppeling wordt redactioneel gedaan door de mensen die content aanleveren of de beheerders van de site, en een deel van die koppelingen zullen we - misschien pas in eeen latere fase - automatiseren.
Samenbeter.org wordt een kenniscentrum van waaruit we al die content op een intuitieve manier moeten gaan proberen te ontsluiten.
Voor het indexeren van al die content denk ik erover samen te werken met Spinque. Die zijn goed in het indexeren van verspreid opgeslagen bronnen en in het maken van slimme zoekmachines over die content.

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The scale of exclusion is substantially bigger at the secondary school level. More than half of all youngsters in many of the world's poorest countries do not complete secondary school. Fewer than half of those who do will finish a full cycle of secondary schooling and be eligible for higher education or training. Those who succeed will disproportionately come from wealthier families rather than poorer ones. The lowest 20%'s odds of finishing secondary school are as low as a tenth of the richest 20%'s. If there are gender differences in elementary school participation, they are virtually invariably larger in secondary school. Get and play through emulator, just click to go.

Football is the most famous disciplineon the planet. Interest huge.

Hundreds of millions of fans follow games of favorite teams.

Attention growing constantly.

Of course for the specified sport can make a bet in a bookmaker's office.
Quickly tell development of football.

Development of game

Football originated in antiquity. Disciplines with a ball
in demand among citizens of different countries.

They were used in:
• Asian countries;
• Ancient Greece;
• on the Apennines.
Italians developed sport. In the 16th century
they introduced to the world the game "Calcio".
With the growth trade relations, it came to the United
Kingdom. Love in discipline formed instantly. By Popularity "Calcio" surpassed

First rules

Popularity public appeared not by chance. Discipline captivated with
its dynamics. Battles on the court were serious.
Such a scenario permitted norms of football:
1. 2 squads.
2. 25 people each.
3. 15 forwards.
4. Right to fistfights.
Inhabitants of Foggy Albion made their norms. At first discipline wasn't standardized.
In some places allowed to throw ball with hands, in others it was forbidden.
The first attempt to standardization occurred in 1846.

Conditions demanded momentary response. players
from several colleges entered the field on the field as part of the tournament.
Each athlete acted in accordance with acceptednorms. Result did not inspire positive development of events.
However, players managed to create a single set of
First unification turned out positive. Attention viewers intensified.
As a result in England formed the first specialized club.
Roster named "Sheffield". It happened in 1857.
In 1863 appeared The Football Association of England.

Organization immediately adopted a standard set of norms

Phased improvement

Gradually discipline developed. Created requirements for the
stadium. Approved dimensions of the gate.
Significant time is 1871. At that time originated the
FA Cup. Tournament - oldest in the class.
1891 - year appearances in discipline kick from 11 meters.
However, from current specified standard different. Today shoot penalties from point.
Earlier moment was done from the line.
Game evolved. Interest grew. As a result in the 1880s, the number of
teams passed over a hundred. Among the public began appear speculations.
Many athletes felt that certain teams pay members incentives.
In those days sports could be only amateur. As a result norms
changed. They introduced a clause prohibiting athletes to receive remuneration.
Began wave slander. Lineups wrote accusations against each other.
Some clubs left the league. Later norm cancelled.

Football in other countries of the world

Growth of trade accelerated penetration of discipline to other countries.
Following the results sport became regulated at
the international level. FIFA originated in beginning of the
last century. At the start association included 7 countries.

Unified requirements on equipment was. Players was required to wear:
• headdress;
• shoes;
• long stockings;
• pants.

Standard entered later. Initially footballers played without license plates.
They arose only in 1939.
Starting international championship held in 1900.
Discipline included to the Olympic Games. Participated
total England, France, Belgium.
The heyday of the sport occurred in the middle of the last
century. In the world started playing high class stars.

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