Een goede screening en probleemanalyse is cruciaal voor de juiste acties

Vaak wordt er bij zorgen om een kind gekeken naar de aandoening. Natuurlijk moet je die niet uit het oog verliezen, maar uiteindelijk gaat het om de ondersteuningsbehoefte. Stichting FunctioneringsProfiel brengt een tool uit, die de directe omgeving van een kind (ouders, leerkracht, begeleider...) on line laat invullen waar precies zij zorgen zien rondom de ontwikkeling van een kind. Daarnaast worden de eigen kracht factoren aan geklikt. Dit leidt tot een rapportage waar vanuit direct aangrijpingspunten voor handelen kunnen worden gehaald. Gericht op HOE wij het kind kunnen ondersteunen in zijn ontwikkeling. Meer informatie op en uiteraard geef ik graag uitleg.

Samen aan de slag rondom een kind. Niet vanuit een label direct naar de GGZ verwijzen.

Fred Kofman

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Studying abroad is a complex and expensive business: the cost of a year can vary from hundreds of thousands to one and a half million rubles per year. However, there are many grants and scholarships available, some of them covering up to 100% of the tuition costs. You can learn about the subtleties of preparing a portfolio for admission and receiving scholarships at the exhibition of British education "Study UK: Discover You". We advise you on which educational institutions you should pay attention to.

BIMM (British & Irish Modern Music Institute)
The music industry in miniature .Britain's most prestigious school of contemporary music. It teaches not only how to play a musical instrument well, but also how to interact with the industry. Among the directions — vocals, playing instruments, music business, production and songwriting (it is taught, for a moment, vocalist Lamb).

On the territory of the Institute there are several rehearsal bases and small studios: young musicians gather groups, record demos and organize concerts without leaving the walls of their native University, and student journalists publish LDN magazine, where they talk about their colleagues and interview masters from big show business. Senior colleagues (ranging from Chuck D to Brian may) also visit students, telling them about the intricacies of their work and leaving Souvenirs: in one of the halls, for example, you can admire an autographed Niall Rogers guitar. In General, there is a whole model of the music industry-and the model is quite working. As a result, bimm alumni include George Ezra, Tom Odell, Izzy Bizu, and the Cure drummer Jason Cooper. Royal Academy of Music. The oldest Conservatory in the United Kingdom, under the personal patronage of Her Majesty, will celebrate its bicentenary in 2022. The list of graduates and alumni is no less impressive: among others, Annie Lennox from Eurythmics and Elton John studied here (for authenticity, a couple of scenes of "Rocketman" were filmed in the Royal Academy

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What Red Bull Music Academy was for musicians and why we will miss it
What is the RBMA?
International music residency for artists, producers and DJs, which was sponsored by Red Bull, and the musical and organizational part was handled by yadastar from Cologne. A creative residence is something similar to a children's camp for adults: participants gather in one place, live together, engage in creativity and make joint projects.

In addition to the creative residency, RBMA is also a huge archive of video lectures from well-known producers, sound engineers and musicians: all these lectures were held live during the residency.RBMA started working in 1998 in Berlin. At that time, the tumultuous nineties and euphoria that came after the fall of the Berlin wall were already fading, and people who came to Berlin for inspiration either left or lost their enthusiasm.
"We were 23 years old," says Torsten Schmidt and Mani ameri, the founders of Yadastar, which founded the residency in collaboration with Red Bull, " and we really missed the opportunity to learn music: it was difficult to exchange experiences, all like — minded people seemed to be scattered and confused all over the world, pathetic sound engineering courses and music colleges did not provide a single gram of valuable or even relevant information. When Red Bull asked what kind of project they could do with us in the music field, the idea was obvious — it would be cool to bring together musicians of different styles and cultures and give them the opportunity to learn from each other."

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